Friday, January 1, 2010

Time line for activities

Days 1&2
Begin by introducing Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World. Students complete worksheet titled Perspectives- Ways of seeing. Discuss use of perspective to create an emotional field around this piece. Is the girl real or a symbol of a feeling or thought? What kind of thought? Discuss perspective and use of horizon line. Where is the viewer in relationship to the piece?

Continue by giving historical background of the piece.

Repeat above discussion using N.C. Wyeth’s Last of the Mohicans

Introduce Venn Diagram for analyzing both pieces

Homework Day 1: Take a look at the blog.

Homework Day 2: Compare and contract the two paintings using the Venn diagram worksheet.

Day 3
Review Venn Diagram. Present information and questions on Last of the Mohicans using the Picturing America resource. Analyze painting and use of the Native American figure.

Days 4,5,6
Murals tour
Each day students will visit a mural in the school where the Native American is represented. The blog contains these images, so a visit could be substituted with a virtual visit. Students will respond to the mural by making sketches and observations.

Students individually complete a worksheet for each mural. A folder for student work- dedicated to this unit is strongly advised.

After each mural visit- teacher provides historical information about mural.

Homework for days 4,5,6: The blog provides supplementary resources for each mural. Students are encouraged to investigate these resources.

Day 7
Review and discuss homework and murals. Summarize observation.

Day 8, 9, 10
Begin research for project proposal using the library and or the computer lab. Students work towards completing worksheet: Art Project Proposal

Homework days 8, 9, 10
Continue research and sketches for artwork. Fill out form that helps plan images, artistic influences, color, composition, concept to be illustrated.

Days 11-15 (or more as needed)
Students complete art project: using the murals as inspiration, research Native Americans and their symbols to create an original piece of art using a variety of media to illustrate what the Native American means to you (proud, courageous, bold, industrious).

At the conclusion of the unit: Rubric Assessment and formal critique of artwork.

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